Volume 5 Issue 1 North African, Armenian and Arab Literatures

JLTS 5:1


Editors’ Introduction

Language, Voice, and the Poetics of Trauma in Modern Levantine Literatures: A Yiddish-Arabic Dialogue – Victoria Biggs

Shame, Guilt and Silence in Wahiba Khiari’s Nos Silences – Mireille Rebeiz

Algerian Women and the Traumatic Decade: Literary Interventions – Anissa Daoudi

The Forgetful Figure: Armenian Representations of Trauma in Aṛakʿel of Tabriz and Shahan Shahnur – Michael Pifer

Suffering and Techniques of Poetic Resistance: Mohammed Mahdi al-Jawahiri’s “In Jail” and W. H. Auden’s “Musée des Beaux Arts” – Ahmed F. Khaleel

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