About the Journal

ISSN 2162-3627

eISSN 2045-4740

The Journal of Literature and Trauma Studies (JLTS) is a peer-reviewed bi-annual journal with a critical, theoretical, and methodological focus on the relationship between literature and trauma. It aims to foster a broad interrogative dialogue between philosophy, psychoanalysis, and literary criticism and develop new approaches to the study of trauma in literature and the trauma of literature. The mission of the journal is to encourage philosophical, political, and historically orientated research that takes literature as the primary site for investigations into trauma in all its forms and manifestations.

Each issue will feature thematic essays, commentaries, and reviews. We publish scholarship that represents recent and advanced work in the field, as well as the work of established scholars, writers, and researchers.

JLTS is published bi-annually in hardcopy and digital editions by University of Nebraska Press. The Journal is available in digital format at Project Muse.