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Volume 2 Issue 1-2 Suffering in Literature

Suffering ion Literature
From the Editor's Introduction:
"The range and depth of subjects, the variation in theoretical approaches, and the international perspective raise some crucial questions and issues that the articles both evince and attempt to answer. Can the study of literature and trauma extend itself to such an extent and still retain the theoretical rigor and intellectual insight that it has so far maintained? Do we now see the beginnings of a divergence or contestation of theoretical approaches within the discipline, for example, between historical and social perspectives on the one hand and psychoanalytical and text-embedded approaches on the other? Are there serious differences, both at the level of theoretical assumption and at the level of chosen subject matter, in terms of a European approach to trauma and literature and those adopted in Asia, the Americas, Africa, the Middle East, and Australia? Can the age-old distinction between “experience” and “literature’ ever be truly put aside? The tripartite organization of this issue into interlocking but also distinctive subdivisions reflects these concerns and developments." (D. Miller)

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