Volume 3 Issue 1 Literatures of the Aftermath


Editor’s Introduction

“The Grey and the Coloured Truth”: Memory and Post-Memory in George Tabori’s Holocaust Plays – Antje Diedrich

Traumatic Memory and Bodily Inscription in Georges Perec’s W; ou, Le souvenir d’enfance and Philippe Grimbert’s Un secret – Charlotte Werbe

From the Position of the Victim to the Position of the Witness: Traumatic Testimony – Dana Amir

“To Learn to Live without Alternatives. German Conditions”: Forgetting as Remembering in Christa Wolf’s The City of Angels; or, The Overcoat of Dr. Freud – Angelica Michelis

“Every Moment Is Two Moments”: Witnessing and the Poetics of Trauma in Fugitive Pieces, by Anne Michaels – Michael Richardson

Book Review

Jenni Adams and Sue Vice, eds., Representing Perpetrators in Holocaust Literature and Film – Victoria Stewart

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