Volume 7 Issue 1

JLTS 7:1


Symptoms of Psychological Problems among Children of Holocaust Survivors: Faye Sholiton’s The Interview – Gene A. Plunka

The Politics of Parenting in Nancy Huston’s Fault Lines: Transgenerational Trauma Revisited – Susan Bainbrigge

The Trauma of the Archive in Sinan Antoon’s Novel Fihris – Sami Alkyam

Guests of Empire, Ghosts of Dispossession: Traumatic Loss and the Subject without a Proper Name in The Gangster We Are All Looking For – Yasuko Kase

The Banal Sublime of Postcolonial Bombay and Calcutta: The Embodied Ghosts, Falling Bodies, and Tangled Webs in Chandra’s “Dharma” and Chaudhuri’s A Strange and Sublime Address – Molly Volanth Hall

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